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Award winning water purification technology recognized with 3 patents and 26 years of service. Company steers the futuristic multiple purification process and harness the power of gravitational force. We purify any type of water without adding extra chemical contents. There are three different treatment plants available for water, sewage and effluent.

What we provide

Integrated Water Purifying Technology


Treatment Plant

Purifies the contaminated water and provides pure drinking water


Treatment Plant

Process for removing contaminants from  wastewater from public municipalities.


Treatment Plant

Effluent treatment plant cleans industrial effluents, contaminated water from rivers and lakes.



During the purification extra chemicals are not added with water



Electricity is NOT required during any steps ,  it is based on gravitational force.



Frequent maintanace is NOT required and natural stones makes the purification

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Dubhe Richus Model


Suitable upto 1200sqft buildings. Available 4 taps at a time.


Suitable upto 1600sqft buildings. Available 4 taps at a time.a


Suitable upto 2500sqft buildings. Available 5 taps at a time.


Suitable for commercial uses. Unlimited water flow to collection tank.

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We are the largest manufactures of sewage water purifiers  in south India. We deliver our quality support and services anywhere in the World

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Our company focused with the quality of water
For a healthy nation and world, the avilability of pure drinking water is essential. We aims to achieve the same for common people.
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No chemicals
Natural Filtration
Quality certificates

How we purify water

Water will pass through multiple cylinders which contain the processed sand. It is a Patent acquired technology using the principles of gravitational force and water level. Different systems are available for the treatment of water, sewage and effluent.


What our clients say

Johnson Thomas

Professional installation and support by Dubhe richu's to ensure customer satisfaction. It is really great.

Shalini Jose

It is the best protection for kind of water related issues. Our Yellow water problem fixed completely.

Abdul Nazar

Perfect solution for dusty water. Now we are getting pure water after the insallation of Dubhe richu's water filter.


We don't think too much about pure water in Palgat district. Dubhe richu's water filters are real solution for providing pure drinking water easily.

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