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About our company

Dubhe Richus is an award winning company and pioneer in bringing most effective water filtering technology in India. 

Dubhe Richus Water Treatment Experts utilize the futuristic multiple purification process in multiple stages to purify water. Purification process achieves the removal of dissolved and suspended impurities from water. Company works to create a better health for everybody and empowering the world with toxic free drinking water. Different tiny particles contains in the water causes for different colors in the water. After passing the respective contaminated water through the Dubhe Richues filter, immediately you can see the result and feel its change in color and taste. Filter system can be used to purify any kind of water.


The company has vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry, which enables it to provide best quality water and waste treatment services. The plants are constructed in our in-house production units. We provide fully integrated and standardized systems to our valued customers, which can be customized as per their requirements and specifications. All the services are available at competitive prices and delivered within the stipulated time frame to save clients’ precious time.

Backed by a talented team of professionals who are specialized in the field of biotechnology, chemical engineering wastewater designs and advanced engineering solutions, We offers waste treatment management services all over the world. The company is well equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and modern machineries required in the treatment proces Our team of highly qualified and experienced personnel has industrial acumen and is familiar with each and every requirement of the customers Hence, they are efficient in providing excellent services to users throughout the country Our specialized waste treatment management services are available for household as well as industrial purposes.

 Design & Technology

Dubhe Richus integrated technology for a peaceful water purifying experience. (Completely patent protected) Perfection in every detail, our cylindrical vertical type of water treatment heavy machineries stand out from the crowd with superior quality, results and first class design

Enjoy the quiet life

All our water treatment machines are running without electrical energy that generate pin drop EcoSilence The modern world is noisy enough, so it’s good to know that Dubhe Richus technology can help make the home environment a little oasis of calm.

Natural water is a Medicine.

We’ve also created a non-chemical technology for purifying the muddy water. The spiral vertical spraying design that increases pressure, quality and quantity to provide a healthy -heavy duty natural machine.

Non Maintenance Machine

The special arrangements of natural stones makes purify the water as well as the high spin back washing system provides the machine clean and Secure without disturbing the nature.

20 years of Legacy

Richus water filter is the mother Company of DUBHE and the largest manufacturer of iron removal water treatment plants in south India, Kerala, DUBHE is the sewage / effluent heavy and light treatment machineries manufacturer as well as supplier from India to world wide under the specific team of Richus. DUBHE aims to contribute towards the development of a better social infrastructure by providing reliable technologies and services with superior value With expertise in the field of water/ waste water treatment.

Our research and development team is dedicated to the development and upgradation of water treatment sector through grassroots action, research, and education. We look forward to keep the sustainability of the local natural environment in the development process.

Smart technology for an easier life

The future has arrived and it’s knocking on your front door. Dubhe brings smart technology to your water teatment unit and lets you control them with easier way.

Simple to set up, simple to use. There’s no need to worry if you’re not a technical genius. We’ve made sure the machine is simple and straightforward to set up. We’ve even made videos that will take you through the process and get you up and running injust a couple of minutes You’ll find the operational manual labelled onit just as easy to use. Therearclots of pre-set options to get you started quickly, and everything is set out logically and clearly.

Introducing the Dubhe water range

Energy in Chemical tree Maintenance and water-saving technologies acro our latest water treatment machineries giVe you peace of mind when treating the muddy water to pure water. Help choose the right machine, we have divided them into four categories.

I have always acted according to the principle that it is better to lose money than trust. The integrity of my promises the belief in the value of my products and in my word of honour have always had a higher priority to me than a transitory profit.”Stanley Jacob – Founder

Our company focused with the quality of water
For a healthy nation and world, the avilability of pure drinking water is essential. We aims to achieve the same for common people.
Full Controll
No chemicals
Natural Filtration
Quality certificates
What we provide

Integrated Water Purifying Technology


Treatment Plant

Purifies the contaminated water and provides pure drinking water


Treatment Plant

Process for removing contaminants from  wastewater from public municipalities.


Treatment Plant

Effluent treatment plant cleans industrial effluents, contaminated water from rivers and lakes.



During the purification extra chemicals are not added with water



Electricity is NOT required during any steps ,  it is based on gravitational force.



Frequent maintanace is NOT required and natural stones makes the purification


How we purify water

Water will pass through multiple cylinders which contain the processed sand. It is a Patent acquired technology using the principles of gravitational force and water level. Different systems are available for the treatment of water, sewage and effluent.

Some Of Our


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